Airstream interior When Adam’s eyes first gazed on Eve in the Garden of Eden, he probably said the same thing we did after we created our latest Airstream named Eve“oo-la-la!”  She truly is one incredibly natural beauty.

The Safari is one of Airstream’s most popular models – and there’s a reason why:  It’s a heavenly fit for so many people.  The 23-foot length is perfect for singles, couples and small families, and towing it’s a breeze for mid-sized vehicles or larger.  Maneuverability is another plus because the single axle pivots easier than tandem axles for getting into tight spots.

Airstream’s entire line of 1970 models introduced a new wave of design features and amenities.  After nearly four decades of experience, Airstream owner Wally Byum and his engineers knew what they were doing and they were doing it better than anyone.

Airstream kitchen sinkThe 1970s Airstream line also ushered in significant design modifications, the most noticeable being the shape and size of the windows.  The square shaped glass edges of the previous four decades were replaced with rounded corners that remain the standard window shape for all Airstreams to this day.  The curved aluminum-frame design does a better job protecting the interior, providing improved weatherproofing.  It looks better and it complements the rounded body styling.

As with all our client renovations, the specific design of Eve was client-driven.  The owner is a professional artist who will be traveling the west, so natural materials inspired her choices.  Interior elements feature some of the greatest leaps of creativity we’ve seen.  HofArc’s renovation team enjoyed the chance to stretch their design senses with this client, as well.

airstream interior bathroom

Cork flooring in the living area melds with prehistoric petrified wood covered storage cabinet and drawer faces.  The combined textures are the foundation for a truly mysterious story.  Faucetry furthers the fictional castle theme with solid bronze statuary of a dragon hovering over the kitchen sink and a swan in the bathroom.  Sky blue cushions in the dinette and sofa provide a calming contrast to convertible sleeping spaces for up to four in a truly compact space.

The lighting is equally imaginative, blending oil rubbed bronze pipe and sea-going brass fixtures.

For off-the-grid power generation there’s a photo voltaic solar blanket that adheres to the ceiling.  Inside, there are three deep cycle sealed marine batteries that are recharged by a power inverter for plenty of 110 volt electricity.  Enough to power your audio, video, laptops, iPhone, iPad and other electronic devices, and even blow dryer.

…and we’ve saved the dirtiest job for the end (pun intended). The toilet is a compostable model, and no, it doesn’t stink.  The system separates the liquids from the solids (to put it politely), so it doesn’t smell bad at all.  When working properly the toilet has a slight earthy smell when you open it.