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7 Steps to Creating Your HofArc Dream Vessel

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11 Jan 7 Steps to Creating Your HofArc Dream Vessel

The best part of being an Architecture firm that designs luxury mobile vessels for business, residential, and travel is we get to spend each and every day discussing our client’s dreams and making them realities. The Hofmann Architecture team loves the entire conversation from the initial inquiry, to design, vessel acquisition, and construction. We are here to guide fellow dreamers and are dedicated to making it easy and enjoyable. Here’s a quick look at the Seven Steps to Creating your HofArc Dream Vessel:

1. Contact

The first step is getting in contact with our Sales Team. As our co-founder and Director of Sales, Wally has the knowledge, experience, and clairvoyance to help mold even the most general idea into a concrete plan of action. He and his Sales Admin, Shelby believe that the best way to dream, is just by talking with like-minded folks, and HofArc is here for you!

In order to gain a better understanding of your dream vessel, we invite all prospective clients to fill out our Wish List via our website’s contact page.

2. Client Interview

Before we delve into the design process, we set up a client interview with our Project Manager, Fred. This is a simple phone call or video session where we discuss the scope of the project, schedule, budget and overall goals. Once everyone agrees on a realistic set of expectations we move on to the exciting stuff!

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3. Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is a very thoughtful process of designing the look, feel and function of the vessel that typically takes two to four weeks. We work with clients to create a description of the project with an envisioning board and we sketch out the spatial adjacencies. We’ll also refine the scope of labor which leads us to a preliminary estimate and a preliminary schedule range. This phase is a $5,000 fee.

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4. Vessel Acquisition

Some clients come to us with an Airstream or other vessel to work with, but most don’t have one. So, in the first half of the Discovery Phase, we’ll have a better idea of the size, model and vintage of their ideal vessel. We work with a network of seasoned “Pickers,” such as the “Airstream Hunter,” who are experts at locating the right one for our clients to purchase. If the goal is to start with a new vehicle, we can help purchase the right vessel from Airstream or another manufacturer.

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5. Construction Documents

Once clients approve the results of the Discovery Phase we move on to creating a full set of Construction Documents (CDs). The result is a Fixed Fee Quotation that gives the client a more precise idea of what materials and labor will cost for the project. It also leaves room for the client to adjust any specifications before moving into the Construction Phase. This phase tends to take three to four weeks and typically cost about 10-20% of the total project cost.

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6. Construction

Typically, a full renovation takes four to eight months to complete depending on the scope of the project. We also offer expedited projects for an additional fee. To learn more about the construction process, there are excellent resources on our website including this article on the benefits of a full frame renovation, Confessions of a DIYer.

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7. Delivery

When it comes to delivering your completed vessel, we will recommend a reliable shipper who is bonded, licensed and insured.

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To get started creating your dream vessel, get in touch with us via our contact page here!


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