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Commercial Airstreams: The Future of Marketing

10 Oct Commercial Airstreams: The Future of Marketing

Here at Hofmann Architecture we love to think outside of the box and take on different types of projects. One of our favorites is renovating recreational vehicles for commercial use. Mobile marketing is a growing strategy that many businesses are using all over the world. From showrooms to restaurants on wheels, companies are turning to this method to spread the word about their brand. We’ve worked with quite a few clients on similar projects and the feedback has been fantastic. Learn more about some of the companies we’ve worked with and why they decided to give mobile marketing a shot.



Canadian brand Kit and Ace came to Hofmann Architecture in hopes of developing their dream showroom. As a clothier, the company wanted a space in which they could physically display some of their latest pieces. We talked with the owners to figure out what inspired them to take this route.

HofArc:  Why did Kit and Ace decide to pursue this mobile marketing method?

Kit and Ace: When we initiated the project, we were a very new company (about 6 months old) with big plans for expansion in North America and abroad, and we knew were about to embark on an aggressive growth campaign. We were looking for a unique way to spread the word about Kit and Ace and so we looked into mobile marketing options. By working with HofArc on the Copper Studio, we were able to perfectly encapsulate our branded elements like copper, ash wood and neon lights in a refurbished Airstream.

The Copper Studio, Commercial Clients, Mobile Marketing, Kit and Ace

HofArc: How is the Copper Studio being utilized, where is it going, what are the products it’s promoting?

Kit and Ace: The Copper Studio is used as a mobile showroom – we display our newest products and stop in high traffic areas to engage with new people and places. To date it has crossed North America nearly three times, visiting almost every state and two Canadian provinces.

The Copper Studio, Kit and Ace, Commercial Clients, Mobile Marketing

HofArc: Why did Kit and Ace decide on an Airstream?

Kit and Ace: We chose an Airstream because we wanted something mobile that was still sleek and classic. There was room to play with the design, like a window in the shape of our logo, and plenty of storage space, which was ideal as we’re on the road for months at a time.

HofArc: Why did Kit and Ace select HofArc for this project?

Kit and Ace: We looked at a number of different partners for the project but our desired timeline of 8 weeks was aggressive given the scope of work needed to get the Airstream to match our expectations. HofArc was up to the challenge and delivered a beautiful vehicle to us that stood up to our (many) requirements, right on time.



Excited about good eats, Nature’s Promise was ready to promote their healthy “Free from” products. Earlier this year, Ahold came to HofArc with some of the most innovative ideas yet. The company wanted a space that could easily be transformed into a pop-up shop to display some of their many items. HofArc was able to create all that and more with the first motorized gull wing that also functions as a big, beautiful billboard. We spoke with Dan Alonso, head of Ahold USA’s New Business Development, to get some insight on their Green Machine.

HofArc: Why did Ahold USA decide to pursue this mobile marketing method?

Ahold: We initially looked at building a pop-up retail store to generate greater awareness of our Nature’s Promise products.  After a couple months of pursuing this, we realized it was very difficult to find the perfect location — one that could attract new customers, had high foot traffic and a lease that could be attained for a short term basis.  A mobile vehicle could be taken to many more market areas, was less risky to execute and could be operated at a lower cost, while developing the greatest opportunity for brand exposure.

Marcia, Ahold, Nature's Promise, Commercial Clients, Mobile Marketing

HofArc:  How is Marcia being utilized, where is it going, what are the products it’s promoting?

Ahold:  We have booked over 20 events this year and are currently reserving events for 2017.  Our first event was at the 24th Annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle in DC — right on Pennsylvania Avenue.  We had exposure to about 100,000 visitors there.  Since then, we have held events at our stores, the New England Patriots training camp and community festivals.  Demand for our Airstream has been very high, and customer response has been enthusiastic.

Marcia, Ahold, Nature's Promise, Commercial Clients, Mobile Marketing

HofArc: Why did you decide on an Airstream recreational vehicle?

Ahold: RVs are about exploring nature and Airstream is the most iconic American RV brand around.  We felt a nature themed mobile vehicle was the perfect fit for our Nature’s Promise brand.

HofArc: Why did Ahold select HofArc for this project?

Ahold: We looked at many other projects and spoke to many other mobile marketing companies.  We liked Hofmann’s double hinged gull-wing designs, believing they would be the best way to promote our brand while creating an open environment for customers to experience our products. Hofmann has completed more of these project than anyone else, so we had confidence in their ability to execute.  They, along with the fabricators at Innovative Spaces, met our expectations for quality craftsmanship.


Mobile Marketing

The mobile marketing movement is clearly in full effect. We are excited to have projects like these in the works and can’t wait to see how they each turn out. Each commercial client gives us unique requests that challenge us to break from tradition and create some of the coolest mobile spaces to date. If you have a crazy commercial project in mind let us know , we would love to help you get your business on the road!


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