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Full Throttle Adventure

05 Nov Full Throttle Adventure

Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies.
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies.
It’s time to leave this town.
It’s time to steal away
Let’s go get lost.
Anywhere in the USA.
These smiling eyes
are just a mirror for the sun.

–Performed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers


Silver Bullet acquisition day… Last night we flew from Santa Barbara to Oklahoma City on Frontier Airlines to meet our latest classic Airstream purchase — she’s a 31-foot 1984 310 motorhome in great condition. Low miles, good tires, clean carpet, and all systems are solid — we think.

Our mission? Drive this beast back home to California.

Southern hospitality lives on. The sellers, Larry and his wife are from Holdenville, OK, and they cleaned it inside and out, replaced fan belts, topped off the 60-gallon gas tank, and drove it 60 miles to meet us at the Red Roof Inn so we didn’t have to rent a car.

After handshakes, hugs, tears, a few exchanged checks and documents we’re on our way. But first, a quick stop at the nearest snack shop for potato chips, jerky, candy bars, and caffeinated beverages.


“Dad, we’ve got a problem!”

Within minutes of this video the cruise control is stuck in the acceleration mode. No amount of pounding on the brakes or switching turns it off. We’re accelerating faster and faster, and we can’t stop!

Minutes feel like hours. A few tense miles later we’re able to turn the ignition off and coast to a stop at the end of an off ramp. Now what?

“Let’s see what it says under cruise control,” suggests Matthew as he flips through the 310 owner’s manual.

“What do you say we disconnect it?”
Sure enough it works.

Apparently, emergencies make us hungry, so we’ll need a couple of chopped beef sandwiches from the Rodeo Corner up ahead. “Damn, Oklahoma makes great BBQ!”

By 10 pm we’re both exhausted so we pull over at a rest stop for the night. But we hear an odd screeching from the engine as we turn it off.

The next morning, at 5:30 am, early-riser-Wally jumps behind the wheel and heads west down the Kansas highway towards Denver where we’re buying a 1963 Bambi Airstream trailer.

Didn’t the time Fall back last night? Not sure. Oh well. The sun’s not up, yet.

“Hey, Matthew, we’ve got a problem!”

The headlights are out. So we pull into the next TA truck stop. Oh, good, it’s an all-night cafe. Time for breakfast.

Sure enough, we did lose an hour last night with the time change, but the cafe’s clock is wrong.

“Whadalya have?” says the waitress.

“A bowl of oatmeal,” grumbles Matthew, “and I’ll have the Trucker’s Special,” Dad says with a grin. “And do you mind if I change your clock back? I’m in charge of time.” The waitress and a table of good ol’ boys share a chuckle over the goofy guy from the Time Planet.

“Here’s your problem… ya got lumpy belts!” says the TA mechanic, “but we don’t have your size.”


Matthew finds a NAPA store 60 miles ahead that has one and there’s another TA in town that will put it on.

Frank and Matthew replace the alternator fan belt and we’re on our way.

Denver or bust…

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