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#HofArcDreamers: Burn Hot Sauce

HofArc Dreamers, Hofmann Architecture, Burn Hot Sauce, Sustainable Business,

11 Jan #HofArcDreamers: Burn Hot Sauce

Dream Big

If there is one essence that binds the Hofmann Architecture community together, it’s that we are all dreamers. We allow our imaginations to be our roadmaps and our creative drives to be our guides. Whether it is an ambitious Millennial’s childhood road trip fantasy, a business owner’s mobile marketing goal, or a retired Baby Boomer’s bucket list adventure, HofArc vessels represent blank canvases for dream building. 

This is our Magic Bus and it’s going to give us the opportunity to be fully ourselves.

Meet Amanda Faye and Chase Atkins, founders of Burn Hot Sauce. Their small batch, farmer and chef-owned business from Santa Cruz, California specializes in producing all organic, single-origin, fermented hot sauces, as well as seasonal pickles and probiotic chili powders. The enthusiastic couple is on the path to living and working out of their dream vessel, a fully renovated HofArc Airstream motorhome.

Feel The Burn

HofArc: We appreciate you both taking the time to speak with us. So, where did this mobile lifestyle dream begin?

Amanda: To make a long story short, it feels like forever ago, but I met Chase in Venice Beach, CA. He asked me to dance with him in a drum circle and I said, “Yes!” We fell in love immediately and from there, we moved in together.

Chase: At the time, Amanda was a chef at Luke Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles and I was working at a print shop in Venice. We were both artists and wanted to get away from the big city to get back in touch with our creative roots, so we moved up north to a ranch in Sonoma, CA.

HofArc: How did Burn Hot Sauce come to be?

Chili Peppers, Burn Hot Sauce, HofArc Dreamers, Hofmann Architecture, Farming, Sustainable Business, Gardening, CookingA: Well, it was only natural that my passion for food rubbed off on Chase, and over the years it led him to get involved with a variety of natural and organic farms in Northern California.  As a chef, there’s nothing sexier than dating a farmer!

C: We ended up moving to Santa Cruz, CA for Amanda to work at a Michelin starred restaurant called Manresa. Literally as we were driving down the coast in the U-haul, the restaurant had a fire that forced it to close down for a while. In the meantime, I began working at Love Apple Farms and Amanda started teaching cooking classes. She became interested in the art of fermentation and began experimenting with different kinds of foods.

A: One day, Chase brought home a twenty-pound bag of serrano chili peppers. I thought it would be awesome to ferment them and make a hot sauce for chicken wings. We were both astonished by how good it was! Chase had the idea to buy a bunch of little medicine dropper bottles that we could give to our friends and family members for the holidays. The feedback was incredible and right off the bat, Chase knew that he wanted to do it as a business. At first, the thought of going from a career in fine dining to a hot sauce business seemed crazy to me, but I recognized his passion and went with it.

C: Amanda had the idea of shortening “Burn” from “Burner” and to our surprise, there was nothing like it online. It was strangely perfect.Burn Hot Sauce, HofArc Dreamers, HofArc, Hofmann Architecture, Sustainable Business

HofArc: What inspired you to start looking into the small space lifestyle?

A: We were making our first batch of hot sauce while working full time jobs and were paying an astronomical amount of rent for our apartment in Santa Cruz. Both Chase and I always fantasized about downsizing and having less clutter in our lives.  As a chef, the best thing that I ever did was go through my kitchen and realize that I only needed about one third of what I had.

C: The goal of Burn is to make a healthy and sustainable product for our customers, but also for us to live on a farm and connect with the land. Housing in California is extremely expensive and many of our friends were living in tiny homes on shared plots of land. We realized that we had a lot of land options and began dreaming.  Sustainable, Business, HofArc, Farming, California, Healthy, Organic, Burn Hot Sauce

HofArc: What did you guys imagine for your vessel?

A: When we initially began researching Airstreams online, we realized that every single one we were drawn to was designed by Hofmann Architecture. We loved the colorful aesthetic and the functionality of Poppy.

C: We wanted our vessel to be a food photography studio on wheels, with all of the accoutrements of a professional culinary kitchen, and enough luxury features for comfortable mobile living. The idea started with Amanda, so we wanted our home to be designed around the kitchen. When our friends come over, it’s all about the experience of cooking and sharing a meal.

HofArc: What was it like working with the HofArc team on designing your vessel?

Burn Hot Sauce, Amanda Faye, Chase Atkins, Sustainable Business, HofArc DreamersA: From the very beginning, this has been a project fueled by our love for eachother, cooking, small space design, and photography. The first thing that we did, literally on our way down to Santa Barbara to meet with the team at HofArc, was to make a list of everything that we couldn’t live without. The HofArc team was amazing about turning our broad ideas into practical solutions.

C: Everything that we know, we’ve learned by doing. From farming to starting a business, it’s all been a hands-on kind of experience. Working with collaborative people just fuels the fire. Dream big and play hard.

A: Speaking of dreams, when I first met Chase he was crystal clear that he wanted to be with me forever. He said, “Amanda when I saw you, you were the same girl I saw in a dream. I was driving a bus and you were the girl next to me holding a baby.” We are really making his dream come true. This is our Magic Bus and it’s going to give us the opportunity to be fully ourselves.

C: You really can go bigger by going smaller. We’re stoked!

Chase and Amanda are the newest members of our #HofArcDreamers community. Learn about our experience working with them here!


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