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HofArc’s 9 Favorite Small Space Fixtures

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14 Feb HofArc’s 9 Favorite Small Space Fixtures

It’s The Little Things

Hofmann Architecture’s small-space designs are recognized worldwide not only for their extreme functionality and beautiful aesthetics, but for their profound attention to detail. The HofArc team knows that the best way to create an amazing living space is to feature the highest quality fixtures and appliances. When it comes to design, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

While each of our vessels are unique and custom tailored to our clients’ needs, here is a list of nine of our favorite appliances, gadgets, finishes and materials that make our designs so popular.

1. Reclaimed Wood: One of our favorite finish materials is reclaimed wood for a classic, natural style in kitchen tables, flooring, and bathrooms. The teak drop bathroom floor is another Hofmann Architecture signature to create a spa-like feel that allows the water to drain through two drop-in plank mats crafted from reclaimed wood. These teak drop bathroom floors are handcrafted by Teakworks4u and display unique grain patterns and beautiful rich color that perfectly accent any bathroom space. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our teak drop bathroom floors are incredibly functional and easy to maintain.

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2. Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks: This sleek and simple sink design features a 20” rectangular shape that comfortably holds pots and pans. The Fireclay Farmhouse sinks are durable and able to handle all kitchen tasks, while bringing a clean and refreshing look to the space.

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3. Skylight: Personal skylights are built into to living rooms and bedrooms to provide plenty of light and sun to warm the space on a summer day, or can be covered with a roller UV blackout blind for a more cozy afternoon indoors. These automated skylights are laminated with low E glazing and perfect for appreciating a beautiful sunset or stargazing from the comfort of a cozy bed!

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4. Stove/Oven Combination: Sorry dusty camp stove, it’s time for an upgrade… the clean and simple elegance of this cooktop and oven combination by Bertazzoni stole our hearts. This stainless steel full-size convection oven with five aluminum burners and nine different cooking modes makes gourmet cooking on the road a piece of cake! After long days of travel and being stuck in the middle of nowhere, this beautiful range makes healthy eating and stress-free living as easy as ever with its off the grid capabilities.
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5. Signature Blue Glass Tiles: Mosaic tiles provide a refined and luxurious atmosphere. Our 100% recycled blue glass tiles are often used in bathrooms or as a unique kitchen backsplash that provides a clean and fresh feeling to your living space. This eye-catching tile can really make any small space pop!

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6. Combination Clothes Washer/Dryer: That’s right, say, ba-bye to the local laundromat. This single unit, vented washer/dryer provides comfort and luxury for extended adventures and lifestyles off the grid. You can forget the hassle of keeping clean and upgrade any vessel to a ready-for-anything feel by installing one of our combination washer/dryers.

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7. Semi-transparent and Opaque Doorways: Let the light shine in! When it comes to doors throughout our small spaces we maximize lighting with semi-transparent and opaque door inserts. The inserts of the door can be a skim (semi) or whole (opaque) milk or even a frosted plexiglass acrylic that can be purchased at different levels of opacity, color, artistic effects and thickness. Have fun with it and personalize these elements to make them reflect your personality.

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8. Cabinet Hardware Rosettes: These attractive flush mount plastic locking knobs with a nickel finish make cupboards look great, and keep dishes and plates in place! This three-piece push button chrome Hafele hardware is a simple design that can add a sleek and clean finish to any cabinetry.

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9. Carbonized Bamboo: Many of HofArc’s flooring and countertops feature natural strand bamboo. Most of our bamboo is sourced from a relatively young company in the construction materials industry — Cali Bamboo of San Diego. This bamboo is a healthy green alternative to less sustainable wood products, while maximizing durability and creating a simple and modern tasteful appeal.

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Whatever the goals — be it spaciousness, durability, modern amenities, maximum storage, or just a classic and luxurious feel HofArc has a wide variety of design technologies and materials to meet their client’s needs.

Click here now to get started creating your own dream vessel!


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