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Dear HofArc Friends,

As a child, growing up in the magnificent High Sierra,

the mountains were my backyard and the trails were my playground.

There was no separation between my home and the Great Outdoors.

My life was a seamless transition of comfort and adventure, security and possibilities.

Today, “home” for me is where nature, comfort and style all meet.

This sense of adventure is the inspiration behind the Matthew Hofmann 2017 Series.

The MH ’17 Series features 3 of our most sought after floor plans, inspired by Michelle, and Lucky  our most popular renovations.

These 3 interior builds with standard finishes start at $89,995 base price.

*Starting prices exclude vessel, vessel repair, and upgrades.

Adventure - $89,995

Signature - $99,995

Family - $109,995

I’ve hand-picked every feature and pre-designed every amenity needed —

making it simple to own a MH ’17 Series in 3 steps:





Floor plan

Select the floor plan that fits you best — from 24’ to 32’.


These designs will work with any vessel. We’ll customize yours or help you find one to buy.


Make it your own- customize it! MH Series includes standard systems and finishes. 

We’re excited to be able to share the MH Series ’17 with you.

Are you interested in learning more?


Let’s talk…

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