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1961 Safari 22′ – Kit

About This Project

The Copper Studio


The contemporary leisure apparel clothier, Kit and Ace, is taking luxury on the road with the Copper Studio. The custom copper-clad Airstream trailer was created in partnership by Hofmann Architecture and the Kit and Ace design team.


Client: Vancouver, Canada-based clothier Kit and Ace 


Vessel: 1961 Safari 22’


Location: Coachella Music Festival near Palm Springs, CA and beyond


Purpose: Mobile display showroom for Kit and Ace’s new luxury clothing brand


Goal: To create a mobile retail space that replicated their airy t-shirt shops, with a sleek exterior and minimalist yet practical interior that features easy pop-up and go elements. The design team wanted to devise an outdoor shopping experience in front of the trailer with quick set-up and tear-down components on the sides and in back.


Design Highlights: The Airstream needed to mirror the aesthetic of a Kit and Ace shop, which features a distinctive copper exterior, ash hardwood flooring and white boxes to display product along one wall. The final touch is a neon sign declaring, “Time is Precious,” installed overhead.


Mantra: Time is Precious

Your time is precious and your plea is paramount.

We create designs that look good and feel amazing,

so you can forget the small stuff and get on with the big stuff.




About Kit and Ace


Kit and Ace is an innovative company that designs and develops contemporary leisure apparel, accessories and lifestyle products for men and women. Founded by Shannon and JJ Wilson, Kit and Ace was created to fill a void in the luxury apparel industry. With a shared background in technical apparel, Shannon and JJ have created a product that offers functionality without sacrificing style and richness.


Shannon is married to JJ’s father, Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon. During their time spent traveling abroad and living internationally, JJ and Shannon recognized an apparel need. After years dressed head to toe in stretchy athletic wear, they were looking for clothing that offered the same performance that met their desire for sophistication. Since they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they created it.


Shannon’s institutional knowledge and experience in product design combined with JJ’s insights into fashion and retail have culminated into the vision that is Kit and Ace. Their plan is to deliver alluring products that provide comfort and ease of use to the wearer, while still offering the style and quality of luxury brands they love.


Their first retail location opened in Vancouver, Canada in July of 2014, followed by six locations that debuted across North America later that year. In 2015, their plan is to open an additional 35 stores globally.


Integrity Is: 

Doing what you say you will do, when you say you will do it; Doing what you know to be truthful; Doing what you know will make a difference; Taking a stand for what you believe in.


We value integrity – in people and in product.




  • Gull wing service window:  the front side of the trailer features a public service window, similar to a food truck, shaded by the pop-out aluminum awning, supported by gas struts.
  • Branding:  a custom-crafted Kit and Ace logo with smoked plexi-privacy window on the back
  • Windowless:  all existing windows removed and patch with new aluminum skins
  • Glossy copper exterior:  Kit and Ace shops feature copper accents in a specific tone, so naturally the exterior needed a brilliant identity to match.
  • Aesthetic:  interior design to mimic a stockroom, with ash wood whitewashed T-shirt boxes and durable vinyl flooring, and interior walls painted Oxford White
  • Lighting:  overhead LED track lighting, and custom neon sign, “Time is Precious”
  • Pop-up changing rooms:  click-n-deploy exterior marine-style cleats to instantly create three privacy booths along the backside, with removable mirrors and light fixtures inside each dressing room
  • Exterior displays:  quick-connect cleats for fastening aluminum bars at each end that extend outwards for clothing display
  • Countertop:  removable counter that swings into place for a service counter
  • Cool change:  air conditioning and heat sources, with insulated floor, walls and ceiling
  • Power player:  exterior power outlets on the street- and curb-sides with one on top for exterior lighting and equipment
  • Safe and secure:  cleats on floor for securing chairs, table and other equipment while in transit
  • Banquet seating:  ample areas for seating and storage underneath, cushions wrapped with durable grey Sunbrella fabric
  • Refrigerator


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