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    joanna krenich

    Four years after starting Hofmann Architecture, Matthew is hitting the road to start new ventures. Follow along on his journey. You’re going on a road
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    Travel Strong ….

    My wife and I enjoyed our time this past weekend @ autocamp sb ! 33rd wedding anniversary : ) We had such a great time relaxing in the airstream ! was impressed with you vision. keep it up and safe travels.
    Mike Brannon, Santa Maria

    Profile photo of Marie
    Marie Short

    Happy trails to you!

    Profile photo of Wally

    We’ll keep the light on for ya!


    Teresa Segadelli

    Hi Matt

    Im currently in Seattle and will head to WDC area by November…. Excited to follow your adventure as I hope to use HofArc in the future.
    Will you be hosting in talk meet events as you pass thru Washington??



    Nicole Nadvornik

    Matty! Come visit me in Milwaukee!!! xoxo


    carl prestipino

    I like your idea of expanding mobile self-sufficiency. Visit several of Elon Musk’s ventures like Solar City, Tesla, Space X, etc. to enhance this notion. I especially like the idea of super efficient battery packs in the trailer that power electric drive systems in the trailer, and in your smaller than now “tow” vehicle that primarily steers the whole unit when combined; and then drives independently when the living unit is parked. (I’ll be happy to receive any compensation for the idea.)


    Jerry Durr

    Happy safe trails! I’m inspired to begin my next expedition rig! New England/Cape Cod is great place to visit!


    Curtis Redel

    Good luck Matt. Always admire what you do and share your love of Airstreams


    Debbie Wilson

    .DH and I are very happy with our new 5th wheel but we have frequently heard comments from other rvers that the person who designed theirs must have never lived in or set foot in one to have done some of the strange construction/component parts. As we prepare for this new stage of our life-have retired and currently disposing of property–to set out full time, we are making numerous 5-10 day trips to work out bugs and get to know our new digs. Always something to do and to learn which is part of the challenge and the fun. We will be following your travels and adventures. Safe travel and Happy Trails!


    Ed Gauvreau

    I met you and Wall at the 2013 AIA Convention in Denver. Let me know when you and Joanna are in Maryland – would like to see the trailer and discuss portable living.
    Safe travels,
    Ed Gauvreau, AIA


    Gail Boggan

    Enjoy your adventure. Come to Savannah, Tn. and I will buy your lunch.


    Joe Riniker

    I am so excited for you two! Embrace the adventure and all that it brings you.!

    Profile photo of Matthew Hofmann
    Matthew Hofmann

    The Autocamp was a wonderful project. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay.

    Profile photo of Matthew Hofmann
    Matthew Hofmann

    I haven’t considered talk/ meet events. What were you thinking? This interests me for sure.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 44 total)

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