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    10 advantages of living and working in tiny spaces (with wheels) 1) Mobilization I rent space on a view lot on a burned home site in a 25-foot Airstre
    [See the full post at:]



    I love this and am using it for my inspiration on my 1972 Overlander! Thanks so much!



    Hi Matt,
    found article about you and your trailer in european newspaper website, must have to say very inspirational. Great idea!!!!


    here is the link, just in case you want to see it.

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Thanks for the link Honza!


    Ricki Mountain

    Matthew, I love this streamline habitat! I could totally live,work and die here. Parked on the beach in Costa Rica of course…


    tippy tippens

    Nicely done! This is amongst the things I would like to do in life – a streamlined mobile/working life – beautiful! Like the ‘muss mir sparen’ quote, I grew up in Germany as a kid – you might enjoy this week’s word a day German theme:


    Guillermo Ferrero-FErri

    Hi Matthew, I love your article. I live in a 31 sqm apartment with my espouse and I have even a corner for home office. I always liked the small spaces and how to make life as comfortable as possible in them.



    I love it! where or how you do the laundry?


    Carla Chagas

    Hi Matthew, i had a professor of portuguese language, when i was 9 years old, who said: «my child, the most difficult thing in life is being simple!» And I couldn`t understand the contradiction of that… but nowadays, everydays, I take a little more, a little less, and that kind of «cerebral giym» makes me get the whole perspective of my life. (Hope I write these words well, with no mistakes…). It`s a question of respect and truth with you, the others and mother nature.
    Love your work!

    Greetings from Lisbon (Portugal), the capital of the sun.

    Carla Chagas



    Love it. Just found you and you are living our dream get away! We’ve talked for years about rehabbing one for a vacation spot on some land in the mountains. With 2 kids, I don’t think we could live in it all year, but I think it would be a wonderful lesson for the kids to live this way for summers! Do you plan to post any photos of the renovation in progress? More, more! Kudos on a wonderful restoration and life change!

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Absolutely. I’m working on a series that will document the process of renovation for the Airstream Renovation. Keep checking back.

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Greetings, and thanks for following along! Love to hear this mentality is a worldwide phenomenon.

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Laundromat : )



    Mr. Hoffman,

    I’ve long wished to do what you’ve done. My sticking point has been a usable bathroom for long-term use. You seem to have made a lovely bathroom, and we are of a similar height, so I assume you’ve made something more functional for use than Airstream did initially. I’d love to see more photos of that bathroom. You mention a redwood floor pan in another post. I am not sure what you did there. Is this a “wet room” like in some larger trailers where the entirety of the bathroom is functionally the shower?

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Shower base

    Here’s a photo of the shower base condition. Not a “Wet-Bath.” Shower is fully in its own space with a curtain that pulls across to separate. Water flows through redwood slats like rain through a deck, into drain below.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)

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