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    Here’s a 3-D cutaway of what the airstream would have looked like back in 1978.  This is essentially how it was the day I first saw it except for the
    [See the full post at:]



    Your numbered design shows plans for a wall-mounted flat screen TV near the kitchen area. Did that get chucked in favor of the iMac screen mounted over the dinette? Were there any other changes you made as you went along?

    Sweet design!

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Good eye! That plan was an in progress print. Here’s an updated plan:

    Or check out a high resolution PDF Here.

    Many changes as the design progressed, in fact the design was very much still under consideration much of construction. I believe design is still underway 😉



    Thanks for giving us all these details! Your new layout makes much better use of the space. Especially the kitchen. One drawback of RVs is that the kitchen is usually absolutely tiny, almost unusable, whereas yours looks like it’s a joy to cook in.



    Wow, I really like the attention to detail you have in your updated floor plan. I’m assuming that everything is to scale. So, is it 25′ from back to front of the A-frame, or 25′ from back to front of “livable” space?

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    Richard Wagner

    Trying to replace my furnace (’73, 27′ Overlander) which was a Suburban with a new one (NT30SP) and finding there is no lower plenum like the old which transitioned to rectangular ducts. It only has 4″Ø duct ports, and is about 6″ below existing skin cut-outs. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Richard



    So true about the kitchen…even when you look at those really expensive prevosts there kitchen is completely lacking…useability!
    to the Hoffmann team any plans in solar power, what is the heat source for most of these.

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Indeed! We’re just starting a renovation on a 17′ 1967 Caravel that will be completely self sufficient. The unit has plans for a 200+ watt solar system with several batteries and an integrated inverter system. The 110 outlets will be available in even the most remote locations.

    The heating source is a propane powered, thermostat controlled, forced air unit. Many of these are ducted units that blow air into various parts of the trailer.

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    Did you end up using flexible or rigid panels? Thanks for keeping the forum up and running, it’s a big help.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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