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    shawna hare

    The sliding bed is exactly what I need. More information on the design would be helpful. Perhaps a video of the completed bed including the mattress components.


    Mark W

    I have the same year and model and an doing the exact same thing. Would love recommendations on the slide model and where to pick them up.

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    Hofarc Info

    We’re glad ya’ll are as excited about the sliding beds as we are! For more information you can visit our Q&A page on our website where similar questions have been asked. Here’s a good post on sliding bed hardware to get you started!



    I’m trying to fully understand the piano hinge component. Does the back panel that attaches to the hinge always stay above the sliding panel? Or does it end up with a small slope? It seems that the piano hinge would hold it in place and at it’s starting elevation, not allowing it to drop down to flush out with the sliding panel. Am I missing something? Thanks,

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    stephanie crocker

    Putting together my drawings and I just want to confirm a few measurements to make sure they will work.

    I will be building a queen sized slide out bed. (60″x80″ mattress)

    Width of base: 35″
    Total width of base when extended: 75″ (I am doing this because when extended, it will allow a touch more room to stand between the 26″ counter and the bed…otherwise, I would only have 3″ to stand and pull the bed out) I don’t think the mattress overhanging is going to cause a problem.
    Hardware: 24″ extension sliding bed hardware (enough for the two of us, 350lbs!)

    Mattress: 8″ queen futon memory foam

    The resources on your site are great! Once we get rolling out of Seattle, we’ll have to visit.



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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