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    I kicked off my quest for inner peace at the most logical place – craigslist. I found an Airstream in “fair condition” and a 4-digit deal was struck.
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    I love the finished photos of your restored Airstream! Are you by any chance thinking of restoring Airstreams for others? I especially love that you used sustainable or recycled materials – the glass tile work is gorgeous!

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Nicole – I’m always open to discussion about doing another renovation project – feel free to get in touch with us. Thanks for the feedback!



    I live in a mobile home right now and have often thought of downsizing even farther to a tow along for all the reasons you have mentioned.

    Not asking for “specifics” but where do you park this? Long term or month to month? Rates? How hard to really move it and where have you actually gone to with this towed behind? What do you tow with?

    As I consider a further move this way, the irritation of having to put up with truck/towing becomes an issue. Years ago I drove thru Mexico with a cabover camper on my pickem up truck. I was struck by the mileage cost and slower speeds. In a car–I could save hours on the road and rent a motel for the same cost as camping in my overhead. Not true the shorter the legs of your trip are or if you stay more than 1-2 days. Ohhhh, my feet just got itchy.

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    Matthew Hofmann

    Frankly, I don’t do much towing. I live in the trailer full time and I am currently renting a space on a vacant property. I’ve towed to a few resorts for weekend stays. There are many beautiful “trailer parks” and extended stay campgrounds in California. Check out Campland by the Bay in San Diego. Otherwise, it’s time to get creative with craigslist : )



    Matt –
    Approximately how long did it take you to renovate this? Were most of the things custom designed or were you able to find resources from other airstream sites? How big project is this time of renovation financially? ballpark

    Would love to do one myself and trying to learn all I can


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    Matthew Hofmann

    About 6 months – part time. Most custom designed – Airstream parts were used where required. The cost completely depends on the depth of the renovation.


    Evan Ellefsen

    Sweet! In the process of rehabbing a ’72 27′ Overlander my self, and even though I’m sticking original, (Love that Brady Bunch feel), you are an inspiration! Nice work. Perhaps we’ll meet in the Stream… Cheers

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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