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    joanna krenich

    Hofmann Architecture has received hundreds of requests to explain our various vintage trailer renovation techniques and construction processes. One of
    [See the full post at:]


    John Garrett

    Love this short, concise but detailed how-to tip. Thank You for sharing! Now will you do one on how you prepare the airstream covered ‘vinyl’ walls for painting please? looking for preparation procedures, products used for prep and then products used for painting (brand and type). I asked this before and received an email that basically said we do it but it would be to long of an email to share the process — just need it like this tiling article is all.

    Thank You for your time and consideration



    joanna krenich

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment. Will be posting a blog about painting shortly! Thanks for following along.


    William Burrell

    I’d like to see a blog on painting prep and painting, too. bill b.


    joanna krenich

    Hi Bill, thank for your comment. It will be the next blog we post!



    We are about to tile the bathroom with 1” white hex. I have been doing everything right according to your tips for tiling, but I can’t find a solid answer on what ultraflexible thin set and what ultraflexible grout I should use. Because I don’t have to worry to much about weight I am adding 1/4 hardibacker to my plywood floor and wall, but still really want to make sure my thin set and grout are right.

    Thank you so much!!! I trust you guys because I know you do things right.

    Corey and Emily

    Profile photo of Wally

    Hi Corey!

    Thank you for your comment. Surface substraight and waterproofing are key to having a successful tiling project. Using hardibacker is a great additional component to your project. We use 254 platinum thinset with the true color grout on all our jobs. These offer the best adhesion along with the flexibility needed for trailer applications. Having your substraight well supported and isolated is crucial to having all your hard work last for years.

    Profile photo of Stanley

    Hi Joanna,
    Im doing a shell off restoration on a 54 cruiser. Ive just about finished everything but the shower/bath. Im really liking the tiled look and feel. The cruiser is 26ft and a single axle. The weight now is 3,500lbs. Im think I can do this because the shower is almost right over the axle. Im curious where you buy your resin mosaic tiles. Also Im wondering how you get the slope on the shower pan for proper drainage. I was planning on red guard over a/c plywood then trying to slope the floor with the thin set. Only the pan and the shower wall will be tiled. The curved wall and back wall I was planning on lining with aromatic cedar. Thanks for any insight or advice you can give me. Cheers, Mike

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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