HofArc Airstream Motorhomes in Santa Barbara, CA
HofArc Airstream Motorhomes in Santa Barbara, CA
HofArc Airstream Motorhomes in Santa Barbara, CA
HofArc Airstream Motorhomes in Santa Barbara, CA

Hofmann Architecture (HofArc) is world renowned for custom mobile small space designs and builds. We create projects of all kinds:  from guesthouses, mobile offices, promotional displays, to corporate vehicles. Matthew and Wally Hofmann and their team of designers and craftsmen are ready to transform your dream into a reality with their how-to airstream video tutorials, blogs and much more.

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Have your own project? We have a complete library to share our knowledge! Watch our how-to repair guides and tutorials on renovating, remodeling or taking care of a custom vintage trailer or motorhome.

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Discussion Forum

Have any questions? Ask them here! Start a discussion and we’ll respond to you. Share or find your passion of Vintage trailers and motorhomes with HofArc’s community for travel trailer enthusiasts. Find helpful discussions on how-to buy a vintage trailer, to getting guidance on your next renovation or remodel project.

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Learn more about Hofmann Architecture while viewing our latest renovated vintage trailers and motorhomes. Our e-newsletter includes Airstream news, travel tips, restoration projects, local Santa Barbara events and much more.

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Custom HofArc Vintage Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

Whether it’s modern or vintage, you’ll love our picture gallery of HofArc Airstream designs, ideas, remodels and renovations.

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HofArc Vintage and New Trailer Renovations

Since 2010, Hofmann Architecture has been designing and renovating vintage Airstreams with efficiency and style. An Airstream renovation project by HofArc should be comfortable and functional while igniting your endless passion for better living. From defining your personal style and budget, to assisting you with the purchase of an ‘as-is’ trailer model, the HofArc design team will influence a high standard of quality and care.

  • Custom Travel trailer renovations. We are familiar with many brands: Airstream, Spartan, Shasta, Vagabond, Aeroflot, and many more.
  • New Airstream shell build-outs and installations. We have access to a variety of sizes of new Airstream travel trailers.
  • Custom commercial foodservice vehicles and trailers. “Food trucks”
  • Extensive Architectural design services. As a licensed Architectural firm, a full set of design services is available for every project. 3-D Renderings, Plans, Details, Elevations, Schedules, Specifications, and more,
  • We know design. Every client is uinque, and we firmly believe that quality design may take many forms and styles, whether it be modern or traditional. Quality and timeless design is just that.

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